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窗殺是什麼? What is Glass Collision?

窗殺(Glass collisions )是撞玻璃導致傷亡的簡稱,以鳥類為大宗犧牲者,因此英文常稱為bird window strike或bird window collision。在美國估計每年有約10億隻、南韓則估計每年有800萬隻野鳥窗殺死亡。台灣每年的窗殺數量不明,但若以2019年全台約880萬棟建物和南韓約720萬棟建物相較,推測國內每年窗殺數量應與南韓類似或更多。

Glass collisions is the abbreviation of the phenomenon that animals killed or injured by hit glass. Since birds are the most victims due to glass collision, it's often called bird window strike or bird window collision. Glass collisions kill up to 1 billion birds in the USA and 8 million birds in South Korea each year. Although it is not clear how many glass-collision birds every year in Taiwan, we estimated the killed number should be similar to South Korea due to there were the 8.8 million buildings in Taiwan and 7.2 million buildings in South Korea in 2019.


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